Motivational Speaking/Hosting/Coaching


From one-on-one sessions with artists and high-level executives, to large group seminars geared towards corporate employees or university students, Danny Andrews, A Professional Corporation specializes in helping you identify, actualize and exceed your personal and professional potential by developing a straightforward, strategic, step-by-step plan that works with your specific needs.

Whether you’re an individual who’s life experiences have convinced you that your dreams can never become reality, an artist or entrepreneur that doesn’t know how to take your career to the next level, a corporation that needs to encourage and motivate its people-force to implement its goals, a university seeking to empower its student body, an entertainment industry association in need of a vibrant yet knowledgeable speaker on current legal and business issues for its members, or something in between, Danny Andrews’ tailored motivational speaking and hosting services, as well as his coaching programs will get you on the right track. Although we have strategic offices located in Los Angeles and New York, Danny Andrews, A Professional Corporation serves clients across the country and abroad.

Danny is no stranger to adversity. Having been the victim of abuse and despondence in his personal life, as well as confusion and doubt about his professional life, Danny used these experiences as motivation and created a step-by- step plan to change his life – he can do the same for you. This plan resulted in him escaping the abuse and dysfunction of his childhood, pursuing his dream of being an opera singer, graduating from a top under-
graduate university and law school, being an attorney by the age of 25, and running his
own law firm and consulting company all before he was 30 years old.


Danny Andrews’ comprehensive motivational speaking, coaching, and hosting programs are designed to teach individuals and companies alike how to unlock the focus and discipline and ignite the agency needed to achieve the optimal, consistent, and long-lasting results you deserve in those areas of your life that matter most. We offer tailored motivational speaking, hosting and coaching services in the following three key areas to fit your unique needs:

Business Services

• Business Plan Development and Implementation

• Business Growth and Development Coaching

• Breaking Through Glass Ceiling

• Sales and Marketing Coaching

• Mission Statement Creation, Implementation and People-force Buy-in

• Brand Development and Marketing

• Market Research and Identification of Revenue Streams

• Leadership Training

Personal Services

• Time and Life Management Training and Implementation

• Goal Setting and Implementation (includes timelines and benchmarks)

• Accessing and Nurturing Key Business Relationships

• Developing Long Lasting Personal Relationships

• Health and Fitness Coaching

• Personal Strengths/Weakness Assessment and Change Game Plan

• Youth Development and Mentorship

Hosting/Lecture Services

• Music, tv, film, trademark, copyright and intellectual property protection seminars

• Keynote speaker at university, entertainment-related and general business retreats and other events

• Master of Ceremonies for entertainment and general business industry events


    Lecturer and Seminar Creator

    “Music Biz: The Art of Making Money In Music”
    Seth Riggs International Summer Vocal Program
    Los Angeles, CA July 2009


    “What’s Next: How To Launch Your Filmmaking Career”
    Hollywood Black Film Festival
    Beverly Hills, CA June 2009


    “Business Essentials for the Music Professional”
    Urban Network’s 19th Annual Music, Entertainment and Marketing Summit
    Los Angeles, CA, March 2009


    “Negotiating Tactics: How to Structure the Most Favorable Film Financing, Sales and Distribution Deals,”
    Hollywood Black Film Festival
    Beverly Hills, CA, June 2008


    “Privacy and Information Security Legal Update: The Latest Federal and State Regulatory and Private Litigation Developments”
    American Bar Association Privacy and Information Security and Committee
    Los Angeles, CA, November 2007